Importance of Paying Yourself First

podcast 3 iTunesJim Hemphill and David Burd, authors of Changing Outcomes: A Financial Recovery Strategy for Peak Career Physicians, as well as Pay Yourself First: A Financial Guide for Doctors Entering Practice talked to Josh Mettle on our Physician Financial Success podcast about the importance of paying yourself first. Please listen in!
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The Profound Difference an Interest Rate Makes

Did know that today’s historically low interest rates mean that you can buy more than DOUBLE the home you could have purchased in 1985 at the SAME monthly payment?

Our friends at KCM Blog helped us create this infographic showing that RIGHT NOW every $1k in mortgage payment equals $212k in mortgage loan amount.

This ratio is near historic lows  – low payment as compared to amount financed.  Basically the cost to finance your home is on clearance SALE, 50% to 75% off right now.

Time to stock up!


  • Even a small increase in interest rates drastically impacts your budget.
  • Securing a mortgage now while rates are still low means you can get more house for your money.
  • Spend your money on your dream home, not on interest.

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The Truth About Rising Home Prices & Family Wealth

doctor_family_home_6Rising home prices in many metro areas have helped homeowners build housing wealth in recent years, but the continued decline in homeownership means the gains are going to fewer people and likely leading to worsening inequality in the U.S., according to new research from the National Association of Realtors®.
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The Cost of Renting vs. Buying

Thanks to historically low mortgage interest rates and home values below peak levels, buyers can expect to spend about 15 percent of their monthly income on a mortgage payment, compared to 22 percent historically, according to Zillow research. Typical renters should expect to pay 30 percent of their income to rent, compared to 25 percent a generation ago.


  • Historically the percentage of your income needed to afford a home vs. renting was a much closer margin, which made renting more advantageous THEN.
  • NOW… renting will cost you 30.1% of your income compared to buying a median home at 15.3% of your income – twice as much of your money going to pay someones else’s mortgage!
  • Either way you’re paying a mortgage… why not have it be yours?

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Thanks to KCM blog for some of the information in this post.

Are There Consequences to Refinancing if You Are Selling Soon?

refinancingWe have another question as well, the consequence of refinancing. If you plan on maybe selling soon and you only have a little bit of time left, are there any consequences to refinancing right now within a short term? Josh, I’ll let you take that one if you don’t mind. Click here to see video

Introduction to Multifamily Investing For Physicians Webinar

handshake docs sm squareOur friend Dr. Dennis Bethel, Founder of NestEggRx is hosting a webinar on May 12th at  6:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT on Multifamily Investing For Physicians.

Dr. Bethel’s featured guest will be Chad Doty, CEO | 37th Parallel Properties:

“With a background in management consulting, portfolio management, and business development, Chad brings a unique mix of business acumen to the real estate industry. His leadership has driven the company’s growth since 2007, having doubled the portfolio’s investment value to more than $100 million. Chad’s passion for creating wealth for his investors is foundational to the firm’s ongoing success.”

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Debt structure deals and their advantages

Sold Home For Sale Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.Listen in as Lawrence Fassler, JD, MBA, reveals what makes a great investment opportunity for accredited investors and why:

  •  You can diversify into smaller minimum investment amounts across lots of different properties and across lots of different geographies
  • The ability of smaller investors to conveniently access deal flow enables run-of-the-mill accredited investors to invest in larger or higher-level real estate projects than were possible before

Josh Mettle: Let’s talk quickly about the debt structure and the scenario you gave in regards to a fix and flip. Are those typically single-family residences and you’re finding kind of professional remodel and real estate investors going in, identifying the deal, then coming to you as some sort of a pro forma, and then you’re funding the fix and flips on single-family residences. Is that how that looks?
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Garrett Gunderson on defining your investor soul purpose

heap of dollars with stethoscopeJosh Mettle: The final chapter of your book is about defeating myths. Talk to us just a little bit about that formula and specifically how defining and following one’s soul purpose fits into the equation.

Garret Gunderson: Well, I would give a soul purpose like you know it can stand a little bit like an airy-fairy kind of deal, or you know, like what does that mean. Let me say it this way: we all have our own investor DNA, and that investor DNA kind of looks like this. First of all, what are our core values, you know. We have to know our core values to know where to invest is one example. The second thing is what are our core abilities or our core competencies, right? Which is what is that we know, what is it that we naturally study that we’re really good at? Then we look at, what is our core kind of drivers, what are the things that we’re really engaged or interested in and that motivates us. Then, really our core focus, if there’s all these possibilities out there, where is it that we’re going to get tons of expertise, and we’re only going to focus in that area instead of diversify it amongst a bunch of things we don’t really understand. That’s the first part.

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Don’t sign a letter of intent and then try to negotiate terms

Successful negotiationJosh Mettle: Let’s start with the kind of a first step. So typically a physician will first receive a letter of intent. That’s just kind of an overview of the major terms of the employment agreement. And so what do physicians need to know about agreeing to these original terms and the letter of intent and what should they be doing in terms of seeking advice at that point?

Dennis Hursh: Well, you’ve got to understand that a letter of intent is just intended to make sure you’re on the same page before we go into the formality of drafting a big – there’s no sense doing a 50-page contract if you and I don’t agree on what we’re going to pay you.

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Existing Home Sales Way Up in March!

Existing-home sales jumped in March to their highest annual rate in 18 months, according to the National Association of Realtors®.  Sales have increased year-over-year for six consecutive months and are now 10.4 percent above a year ago.

EHS-REPORT-MARCHThe Existing Home Sales Report is a key leading indicator and predictor of future consumer purchases such as home furnishings and insurance services and shows the level of demand within the housing market. The report paints a clear picture of the strength of the housing market.

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Thanks to KCM blog for this infographic.

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